Windy Hills Lavender Farm


The Windy Hills Lavender Farm is located in the high desert

of northern Arizona.

Certified Naturally Grown, they have been cultivating

Lavender since 2009 on a 120-acre site of the Red Hawk Ranch near Heber, Az, which was founded in 1988.  Windy Hills Lavender Farm plants an average of 1,500 lavender plants per year and grows several varieties: Buena Vista, Grosso, Provence & Royal Velvet. The esstential oils are harvested and hand crafted into a vast selection of beautiful lavender products from coconut oil to sugar scrub, candles to sprays, and much more in between! 

Image by Annie Spratt

Benefits of Lavender:

 Reduce Anxiety & Emotional Stress


Heals Burns and Cuts

Alleviate Headaches

Reduce Insomnia

Nausea Relief